Settlement Accounts

Name of Enterprise:  Public Services Agency
Address:  42, Pushkin Street, Chisinau
IDNO: 1002600024700

Bank's nameBank codeСurrent IBAN accountService
B.C. Mobiasbanca - OTP Groupe S.A. MOBBMD22MD83MO2251ASV33878107100Identity document issuance and persons record, except passport of a citizen of Republic of Moldova issuance
B.C. MOLDOVA-AGROINDBANK S.A.AGRNMD2XMD19AG000000022242975180Passport of a citizen of Republic of Moldova issuance
B.C. Victoriabank S.A.VICBMD2X884MD23VI022241200000003MDLRecord and registration of vehicles, documentation and qualification of drivers 
B.C. Victoriabank S.A.VICBMD2X884MD64VI022241200000396MDLIdentification of the engine during the current state registration process, at the request of the beneficiary (verification of the engine number). Providing (at the request of the client) assistance in concluding a contract of sale-purchase of a vehicle (unit) with the provision of the relevant form (in 2 copies)
B.C. Victoriabank S.A.VICBMD2X884MD14VI022241200000009MDLLiability car insurance intermediary services 
MF-TR Chişinău - bugetul de statTREZMD2XMD46TRPCCC518430B01231AACivil status services
MF-TR Chişinău - bugetul de statTREZMD2XMD98TRPCCC518430C01231AAReal estate registration services
MF-TR Chișinău-bugetul de statTREZMD2XMD08TRPCCC518430E01231AAState registration of legal entities
Ministerul Finanţelor - Trezoreria de Stat Cod fiscal: 1006601000037TREZMD2X Codul Eco: 142220 (taxa de stat)XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (codul beneficiarului conform localității)National tax for documents authentication
B.C. Victoriabank S.A.VICBMD2X884MD97VI000002224212555MDLOther services
Public Services Agency
Chisinau mun., 42 Aleksandr Pushkin Street