Law of the Republic of Moldova no. 164-XV/2003 on Ratification of the Protocol of 28.03.1997 to the Convention on Legal Assistance and Legal Relations on Civil, Family and Criminal Cases of 22 January 1993.
Law no. 79-XVIII /2009 for the Adherence of the Republic of Moldova to the Convention of the International Commission on Civil Status no.20 regarding the Issue of Certificate on Matrimonial Capacity
Law on Integrity no. 82/2017
Law no. 764-XV/2001 on the Territorial Administrative Organization of the Republic of Moldova
Law no. 3465-XI/1989 regarding the Functioning of Languages on the Territory of the Moldavian SSR
Law no. 338-XIII/1994 on Child Rights
Law no.880/1992 on Archive Fund of the Republic of Moldova
Law no. 200/2010 on the Regime of Foreigners in the Republic of Moldova
Law no. 99/2010 regarding the Legal Adoption Regime
Family Code no. 1316-XIV/2000
Civil Code no. 1107-XV/2002
Constitution of the Republic of Moldova adopted on 29 July 1994
Law no. 80/2017 for Amending and Completing Certain Legislative Acts
Law no. 75/2015 on Housing
Law no. 91/2014 on Electronic Signature and the Electronic Document
Law no. 133 /2011 on Protection of Personal Data
Law no. 239/2008 on the Transparency of Decision-Making Process
Law no. 232/2007 for the Ratification of the Council of Europe Convention on the Avoidance of the Statelessness in Relation to State Succession
Law on Registries no. 71/2007
Law on Electronic Communications no. 241/2007
Law no. 131/2007 on Road Traffic Safety
Law no. 284/2004 on Electronic Commerce
Law no. 467/2003 on Informatization and the State Information Resources
Law no. 100/2001 on Civil Status Acts
Law no. 1024/2000 on the Citizenship of the Republic of Moldova


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