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General information

By dialing 14909, from a mobile or fixed telephone, any citizens within the premises of the Republic of Moldova can obtain detailed information regarding the services offered by the Public Services Agency, including service rendered online or place his order over the phone.

For international calls please dial (+373-22) 25-70-70.

The activity of the Enterprise Call-Center is focused on offering services related to documents order based on the information contained in the state registers (State Register of Population, State Register of Vehicles, State Register of Drivers) and offering information and consultation services. The call from abroad is paid according to the tariffs established by the countries from where the applicant is calling.

The service is available Monday to Saturday from 07:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Information and consultation services over the phone

Documentation of population

  • Identity card of the citizen of the Republic of Moldova
  • Temporary Identity card of the citizen of the Republic of Moldova
  • Passport of the citizen of the Republic of Moldova
  • Identity documents for foreign citizens
  • Citizenship of the Republic of Moldova
  • Evidence of citizens of the Republic of Moldova
  • Small border traffic permit for the citizens residing close to the border area of Romania
  • Data change not entailing the change of the document
  • Issuance of certificates by using the information from the State Register of Population and/or manual card-file of population registration
  • Pre-registration
  • Delivery of documents/certificates to the address specified by the applicant
  • Diplomatic missions and consular offices of the Republic of Moldova

Documentation of drivers

  • Examination
  • Issuing driver's license
  • Replacement of driver's license
  • Re-issuing and return of driver's license
  • Confirming the right to drive a vehicle
  • Documentation of drivers, citizens of the Republic of Moldova residing abroad
  • Documentation of drivers, foreign citizens and stateless persons
  • Drivers' training schools

Documentation of vehicles

  • Certificate on vehicle registration
  • Registration number
  • Identification of vehicle
  • De-registration of vehicles

Other services of the Public Services Agency

  • Information systems and resources
  • Polygraph and typography printing
  • Stamps and seals
  • Scientific and technical researches
  • Training
  • Logistics

The Operator of the Call Center of the Public Services Agency shall provide the following information:

  • Conditions for application examination
  • List of necessary documents
  • Terms and tariffs
  • Address and working hours of territorial subdivisions
  • Conditions for using informative online services
  • Means of payment for services
  • Registration and order of documents on the electronic services portal
  • Status of the order, submitted over the telephone or online
  • Other details

The service accepts and processes requests made over the phone to order the following documents

  • On confirming the issuance of the identity documents;
  • On confirming the issuance of the passport of the citizen of the Republic of Moldova;
  • On confirming the domicile registration;
  • On confirming the moving to live permanently abroad;
  • On confirming the submission of application regarding the renunciation of the citizenship of the Republic of Moldova;
  • On confirming the possession of a vehicle;
  • On confirming the issuance of driver's license and presence of relevant categories;
  • Order of the Mobile Documentation Office.

Conditions for accepting the order

In order to place an order over the phone, the applicant shall provide the following information:

  • Personal data (IDNP, first name, last name);
  • Data of an available ID card.

The procedure for ordering documents over the phone

The sequence of steps necessary to be undertaken for ordering documents over the phone is presented below:

  • Dial the number 14 909 or (+373-22) 25-70-70 and tell the operator the document you are about to order.
  • Provide to the operator the information regarding your personal data and data of your documents, including address and contact telephone number or some other information depending on the service you are requesting.
  • Confirm the accuracy of the data offered to the operator and service that you intend to order.
  • Note down the order number, cost of the document, means of payment, order execution term, place and conditions for document issuance.
  • Pay for the order using the most convenient method during 3 working days from the moment you placed the order.
  • Receive the document in the office discussed with the operator at the moment of placing the order, keeping the conditions of document issuance.


Attention:In order to provide high quality service by the Call Center operator, your conversation will be recorded.

The applicant is accountable for providing inaccurate or deliberately false data.
The order shall be submitted for execution only after the payment for the service is done.
ubmission of your electronic order into the system, presumes by default your consent for personal data processing.

Important: For particularized consultations the Call Center operator, if necessary, shall put you through to the specialists, responsible for services rendering.

The Call Center of the Public Services Agency is an effective tool used to inform citizens. The capacity of the Call Center allows accepting 500 orders per day, received over the phone or via Internet and processing 800 phone calls. A lot of users have greatly commended the simplicity, commodity and efficiency of this service. 

Please submit your proposals and claims to the address, or by filling out the following form on the portal. The reply will be sent to the electronic address specified by the applicant.

Dial 14 909 and hear the message:
«You are welcomed by the documents order and information support service of the Public Services Agency
and you will understand the availability of our operators to help you!
General information regarding documents order and new services
is also available via the voice menu at the phone number

(+373-22) 25-70-70.

Public Services Agency
Chisinau mun., 42 Aleksandr Pushkin Street